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(taken with iPhone on my walk)

I’m daring myself to be vulnerable. I want to give back and inspire the way I have been inspired. I am inspired by other’s who share their stories. Sharing stories can feel scary, so I will start with whatever comes to mind.

When I first started blogging in 2008, I put words out on my first little blog straight from my heart. I was less guarded, and as a new mom, I was happy to have this little space on the web to express myself. I had a wonderful following of supportive like-minded artists and art appreciators. Then something happened…

As the years went by and my photography business grew, I slowly stopped sharing about myself and got into the habit of simply letting my photos do all of the talking and I have gotten very comfortable with  simply hiding behind my camera & telling cute stories about my sweet clients. I sort of lost my voice in a way, and also lost my nerve to share my self, my stories.

But today I am taking a baby step into recovering myself. I am daring myself to share something about me.

So I am starting small. What would you be surprised to know about me?

Here is one tidbit that comes to mind: Although I’m very good at looking like I’m a confident, outgoing, extrovert, I am really actually a shy person with introvert tendencies and I just really like to make those around me feel comfortable, so in most public situations I turn into an extrovert by default.

As a child I was so painfully shy around new people I would hide behind my parents & even cry sometimes when people looked at me!

But if I knew you & I was comfortable, I was extremely talkative, imaginative & it was never a dull moment- especially at my house. I always had a plan for an adventure to go on, a show to create, a game idea, non-stop imagination into action. As I’ve grown older I have become more outgoing (and less wild) because I can’t help but want to make other people feel included.

Social media trips me up because my introvert self comes out & I want to shrink back.

I love to put the spotlight on my clients & make them feel beautiful, so I love to share that out. I feel so awkward when sharing about myself.

But then here I am loving all the stories others share about themselves. I am so grateful when people dare to share, I learn so much. So that’s what this is- a dare to share something about myself in hopes to begin to strengthen my vulnerability muscle to make sharing not so intimidating & awkward ❤️

This was my first step back into sharing about me.

Its my hope I can give back somehow, by sharing my stories, I hope to inspire the way I have been inspired by others.

xoxo Shell

PS. If you want to know a bit more about me, you can always click HERE.

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